Active monitoring

24×7 Monitoring, automatic alerting and response as per SLA.
Dashboard gives you information on your server and allows configuring alerts.

Full Stack Support

All components of your stack are supported incluing search engine (SOLR or sphinx), associated wordpress blog, etc.

Host Anywhere

Full freedom to host on your choice of hosting provider – AWS, Softlayer, ukfast, etc. Cloud or bare metal or a mix.

Not just backup

Each customer gets a bespoke disaster recovery plan, tested!
Backup best practices followed. Granular mysql backups. Configuration files versioned.

devops for Magento

devops best practices ensures versioned sources, automatic deployment, development and staging environments and more. Read more …

Honest pricing

Not linked to the hosting bill or servers, our billing is justified on the complexity of your environment. We charge one off projects one time.

Customer speak

James Wigby

James WigbyCEO - Suffolk Group, www.wholeprey.com

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