devops for Magento

devOps for Magento

We specialize in giving devOps specifically for your Magento needs. This service makes a crucial link between developers and hosting or linux system administrators.

You need devops irrespective of the size of site or the number of changes you are making to your site. See some scenarios below.

Giving ftp access to the live site to external vendors can be dangerous. The work being done without a maintenance flag may bring down temporarily parts of a site giving a bad experience to visitors.

The right way would be to have a staging server where the vendor demonstrates the changes and then a process takes from staging to live using a versioning system like git.

All CDNs give API based invalidations. However, each has a different terminology / concept and API calls. With our inotifywait based scripts we easily identify changed css / js files and invalidate CDNs.

An offline minifier is our preferred solution. Built as a grunt script, we would add this as a default step at the end our site update script.

We can also work on a custom nginx with page load module or apache’s page load module or maybe even use the Magento merge and minifier.

If you are on the AWS platform and you determine the need is now to use autoscale to handle peak performance requirements, devops can help in setup and maintenance of the environment.

Setup of AWS autoscale for Magento requires knowledge of networking, linux OS, docker and the AWS platform. A working autoscale should make it relatively easy to deploy new system configurations without having to make new images.