Scaling Magento Series

Scaling is not just about hosting or auto scaling – many factors contribute to scalability of your Magento website. The most important and often ignored factor to scaling is the quality of code. Well written code will scale better. The next most important factor is perhaps caching. There are many types of caches that developers, managers and store owners need to understand. Understanding the benefits and compromises of a caching mechanism is important to understand scaling. We will explore the benefits as well as compromises and discipline required for various caches. We also look at hosting and autoscale mechanisms.

In this series we explore many factors that affect scaling. This has been written for store owners with some articles having technical callouts.

Introduction : A non technical guide to scaling Magento

Part 1 : Full Page Cache (FPC)

Part 2 : Other Magento Caches

Part 3 : Code quality

Part 4 : Optimizing Checkout Flow

Part 5 : Hardware

Part 6 : Hosting

Part 7 : Auto scaling

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