24×7 monitoring

24×7 Active Monitoring

luroConnect Insight dashboard keeps track of many things and alerts when something is not as expected. This makes our monitoring active. Typically we would know of a problem on the website as it happens so we can fix the issue in a timely manner.

Active Alerting with configurable alerts helps us keep a watch on your site. Alerts include response threshold for hits, failure of backup, SSL expiry, etc.

luroConnect Insight Dashboard

luroConnect Insight is our dashboard, alerts and reports companion.

Every hit is measured and when response slows or there is an error an alarm is triggered.

The dashboard keeps track of many things such as :

  • Status of backup
  • Expiry of SSL certificates
  • BOTs accessing the website
  • Slowest URLs
  • Most popular URLs
  • IPs hitting rate limit

A drill down report helps in determining if a BOT should be blocked, an IP to be black or whitelisted, etc.

Actions too can be performed from the dashboard. Access to actions is limited using a ACL and 2FA.

When an alarm is raised our support is notified via our ticketing system. Our 24×7 service also works on requests from our customers and other external automated tests such as pingdom.

Yes, if you have signed up for our done-for-you service to act on it as per SLA (Service Level Agreement). Each incident is closed with a root cause analysis document which would try to describe why the incident occurred and what steps are taken or have to be taken to prevent it from occurring again.

We can analyze your site for free

Schedule a call

Before the call we will analyze your site using public information. We will ask you to give us a 1 day apache or nginx log file of your site. Our half hour consultation will try to identify what steps if any you should take to improve your sites performance goals.