Case studies : How luroConnect helps improve hosting performance

luroConnect and luroConnect Insights have been used by customers to observe and solve many hosting related problems. Here are a few case studies.

Achieving almost 0 downtime

From a frequent instability that requires restarts to almost 0 downtime was what this customer achieved when they moved to our service. Selecting the appropriate server and architecture should be a scientific process, not following standard practices or simply magic. More …

Detect network throttling by hosting provider

A customer was facing performance issues during peak traffic. Using our upstream vs response time graph we were able to prove that there was bandwidth throttling on the hosting provider. More …

Use AWS Autoscale to reduce costs

AWS referred us a eCommerce customer who had very high peaks due to promotions. They used to manually scale an instance during sales. We helped them proving AWS autoscale would help them and moved them the new solution with a minimum downtime. (Will be released shortly).

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