Host Anywhere – freedom from hosting provider lockin

Host Anywhere – we will support you

Support should have never been a reason to be locked into a hosting provider. If you depend on either the hosting provider or a support service that is platform specific, changing hosting will be difficult. Such lockins invariably prove to be expensive in the long run. For example, is the free service provided by your hosting provider, really free?

luroConnect provides you freedom from that lockin.

Host anywhere means we will support you anywhere you are hosted. If you want to change your hosting provider or evaluate alternative hosting providers, you get an expert independent evaluation from us. Moreover, our evaluation is based on the pattern of hits to your site as well as the dynamics of your specific site. We believe one size does not fit all.

We have partnerships with many hosting providers, so by choosing us you are not loosing benefits of a platform. Infact, we help you maximize that potential.

Lockin can either be direct – multi year contracts or indirect by being dependent on the hosting provider for free services that have been packaged into the cost of hosting.

  • For a strong disaster recovery plan, it is recommended you have backups taken into a different hosting provider. This is part of our bespoke disaster recovery plan we create for you.
  • Evaluate another cloud or hosting provider – without disrupting your live server, a test with some traffic patterns can be evaluated, either for improved performance or lower costs.

We can analyze your site for free

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Before the call we will analyze your site using public information. We will ask you to give us a 1 day apache or nginx log file of your site. Our half hour consultation will try to identify what steps if any you should take to improve your sites performance goals.