luroConnect as an alternative to Adobe Commerce Cloud Pro Plan

Adobe Commerce Cloud Starter Plan is designed for entry level – with all services running in containers, rather than VMs. While containers give isolation, they do not offer great performance as they share the same VM. Magento Commerce Cloud license includes the cost of starter pack and if your website can perform within the limitations, there is no reason to take an on-prem license.

Once your website exceeds the limits of the Starter Pack, Magento offers the Pro Plan or the Pro Plan with Scaled Architecture. We analyze here why you might want to consider negotiating an on-prem license from Magento and use the luroConnect PaaS.

  1. Pro plan is designed for redundancy, not scale or performance.
    While the Pro 12 cluster will support more traffic than the starter pack, scaling up is in steps, not taking advantage of the cloud’s ability to scale up and/or down based on need.
    The Pro Plans with Scaled Architecture starts with a 6-node architecture and allows addition of web nodes – but the capacity planning requires to architect for maximum requirement, rather than scale at will. It also assumes that websites that can benefit from at-will scaling have a high basic traffic – hence the 6-node minimum. As per Gartner report for 2020, “Magento Commerce is not a cloud-native application and lacks autoscaling at the time of publication of this Magic Quadrant.”
    luroConnect is designed for performance and scale. Our core architecture is scalable allowing either static rules to add / remove instances at-will. Examples include time of day or week or based on campaign, or dynamically using autoscale. We start with a 3-node (total 6 CPU cores and 16GB RAM) and scale up or down from there and at-will.
  2. Pro plan load balances traffic not services – assuming all traffic has equal need of each service.
    Since each service is fully replicated on each server, the architecture loses ability to load balance the services. A 3-master cluster of database would be better served with a load balancer for the database traffic. luroConnect already supports redis and elasticsearch clusters. luroConnect uses ProxySQL based database load balancing of a master-master cluster.
  3. Pro plan lacks flexibility.
    Each Magento website is unique in a combination of features, traffic and business model. This requires flexibility in the server configurations and architecture. For example, some websites may need a separate server to run crons, some others may need servers to handle the checkout flow.
    luroConnect understands each site is different and works on provisioning infrastructure to match the need. Our path-based load balancing allows us to create clusters for specific URLs if the need arises. For example, admin traffic may be routed to a separate server.
  4. Pro plan leaves some infrastructure decisions to be made by merchant.
    People who do not want to care about such decisions are forced to take them.
    At luroConnect we understand your website needs are unique and change over time. We actively adjust the architecture based on these changing needs.
  5. Ownership of your eCommerce Website.
    luroConnect hosts on your AWS account using your git repository. This shows true ownership of your eCommerce business.

luroConnect supports Adobe Commerce websites.

Examples : and are a multi-store Adobe Commerce application hosted on luroConnect on AWS. and are a multi-store Adobe Commerce application hosted on luroConnect on AWS.

Like the Pro plan, luroConnect offers ~0-downtime deployment. The build phase is separate from the deploy phase. The build results in a release (called slug by Magento). During deploy the site is in maintenance only when setup:upgrade is required. In addition,

  • luroConnect minimizes downtime of long running requests by using a “blue-green” deploy.
  • luroConnect supports popular javascript bundling strategies (magepack and advanced bundling) during the build phase.

luroConnect offers a disaster recovery plan. The database is mirrored onto a slave and media is synced incrementally every 10 minutes. It is possible for us to relaunch servers in 15 minutes in case of a disaster, with a maximum loss of 20 minutes of data.

So, if you are looking for a SaaS like experience of your Magento store, signup below and we will schedule a call. Consider your options before upgrading to Magento Commerce Cloud Pro Plan.

What would a luroConnect based plan cost?

luroConnect Plan Features luroConnect Cost AWS budget(1 yr savings plan)
Growth Plan
  • Minimum 3 server architecture
  • Manual addition / removal of servers upon request
$800 / month starting from $300 / month (includes faster disks)
High Traffic $1500 / month starting from $800 / month (includes faster disks)

We allow you to choose a cloud provider of your liking. These suggestive costs are for AWS. Reach out to us for suggestive pricing on other cloud platforms. luroConnect works on all clouds.

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