luroConnect Insight – Dashboad, Alerts & Reports

Why luroConnect Insight?

  • Increasing evidence of impact of performance to conversions.
    • Optimizing HTML, javascript and images is only one aspect
  • Server performance varies
    • performance varies between URLs
    • Different visitors get varying performance, even when they access the site at the same time
  • Monitoring CPU is no guide to performance or scaling
    • luroConnect monitors application performance
    • Actual Response times & Errors
    • Analytics to help decide how to scale

Easy Setup

  • If you use nginx, setup will take under 1 hour
  • DIY step by step guide or
  • Our free professional installation
    Take advantage of our professional site optimization while you signup.
    Free of cost for a limited time!

    • Move apache hosting to nginx
    • Migrate to persona from standard mysql
    • Rehost on centos or RHEL
    • Perform a security review

Configure dashboard, alerts & reports

  • Dashboard
    • Mobile friendly dashboard
    • Configurable
  • Alerts
    • Alert on SMS, email or phone
    • Multiple levels of alerts
  • Complex conditions
    • Reports
    • 404 and “drop in checkout” and more
    • Scheduled to be emailed


Peace of mind

  • Knowing exactly how your site is performing and believing you will be alerted when things are not going well is the best way of keeping a piece of mind.
  • When you sign up for our full service we will even act on the information 24×7 to keep your site performing at its peak