luroConnect supports Hyva in its CI/CD pipeline

luroConnect supports Hyva in its CI/CD pipeline

luroConnect CI/CD is an inbuilt feature of the luroConnect Managed Hosting Platform. Built from the ground up, it supports Magento and Mage-OS and dependent build options such as Magepack, baler and headless/PWA stacks such as ScanePWA, PWA Studio, vue-storefront.

luroConnect announces support for Hyva. To be configured as a build option, your Hyva website builds and deploys in ~0-downtime.

How does luroConnect CI/CD support Hyva?

luroConnect Ci/CD separates the build and deploy stages of your eCommerce store. The Hyva support is in the build. luroConnect builds in docker. Our Hyva docker build image contains the correct version of node and modules. The Hyva build, when enabled, takes 1 parameter

the magento root relative themedir where the hyva build is done.
The pipeline will then do the following, before Magento static content deploy :
npm ci
npm run build-prod) uses Hyva on Magento Open Source 2.4.5. is a premier independent Indian fashion store and has over 200 visitors on the site at any time 24×7. With such a busy website, the eCommerce manager should not be worried about code deploys giving a bad experience to visitors.

With luroConnect CI/CD offers that comfort.

Build and deploy on staging before deploying to production

luroConnect supports staging (also called pre production or UAT) and a production environment. The staging has same system component versions as production, but on a hardware that is not designed to scale. The production environment on the other hand is a multi-server 3-tier architecture possibly with autoscale.

The advantage is that code can be tested on staging before deploying to production – with confidence.

luroConnect CI/CD can deploy to staging or production.

The support for Hyva is included in both staging and production builds.

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With features like ~0 downtime code deploy and autoscale to reduce your hosting costs, luroConnect offers you unparalleled hosting environment for Magento, including a powerful written-for-Magento CI/CD

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