How well will my Magento website scale?

Run a test to see how well your website scales.

Please fill the information below. We may contact you if we want proof that you are authorized to run the test.

I am authorized to test this site and understand the terms and conditions.

What does the test do?

  1. Run a simulation of hits to your site from a single IP address
  2. The test is a combination of home page, category page, product page and a combination.
  3. Each hit’s response time is measured.
  4. Many hits are sent per minute in many rounds.
  5. Average of the response time is calculated.
  6. You will received a pdf with graphs that shows the hits vs average response time for each test we run.
  7. The test does not takes about 10 minutes to run.
  8. We suggest you give us a time of day when traffic is low to run the test.

Note : Some servers may be stressed with this test.