Optimal Secure Magento Hosting

Business needs of a optimal secure Magento hosting

  • Optimal
    • Reasonable response times for each hit – server response is a critical factor to overall page load time.
    • Appropriate use of memory and other resources.
    • Cost effective solution – neither a cheap solution that may not work nor an over engineered expensive one that may never get used.
  • Scalable
    • Path to scalability should be well defined depending on the business need for the next 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Secure
    • best possible security for your customers’ data and the infrastructure.
    • Serve valid human traffic and keep BOTs out.
    • Reasonable protection against DOS attacks.
    • Web Application Firewall to keep application hacks like SQL Injection at bay
    • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Efficiently done automatically in background
    • Minifiy css and js assets
    • Generation images of various sizes needed in the app
    • Optimize images on load or on generation
  • Insight
    • Configurable alerting when site slows or breaks
    • Dashboard to see system performance
    • Debug help for developers when something breaks

Renting a server for hosting is now a commodity. Most vendors have very similar offerings. A multi vendor strategy that as far as possible avoids vendor lockin is needed. Managed hosting from a provider with multi vendor capability will help you keep your processes and choices clear.

Can this be achieved?

Hosting a Magento website does not have to be either an ignored problem nor should it be rocket science (or maybe magic even). Firm scientific principles can be used to ensure a website is well hosted and has alerts when the system goes out of capacity.

Essential stack

Our standard Magento stack and some configurations :

  • serves static content.
  • use fastcgi and php-fpm to serve Magento traffic.
  • load balance as you scale or as per traffic pattern.
  • rate limit from a single IP to protect against DOS attacks.
  • restrict bad IPs from accessing the sites.
  • allow or keep away BOTS based on their User Agent signature.
  • Used for storing cache and sessions in memory
  • Configurations of Full Page Cache include memory limiting
  • sessions rejection based on rate preventing the famous Magento lock
  • oracle mysql is improving but Percona and Mariadb perform better even now
  • Percona has a better toolset
  • Mysql for Magento requires configured balance between memory available and cache sizes
luroConnect Insight
  • Cloud tool to analyze log file data from live site
  • Dashboard to show crucial parameters from the site
  • Alerting when site slows or gives error
  • Alerts from analyzing actual hits on the site
  • See Top 10 IPs, BOTS to help decide what to block or allow
  • Rate limit blocking to help find good from bad
Also needed
  • CDN
  • Automatic and offline minification of css and js assets
  • Automatic Image optimization on upload and generation of images

We can analyze your site for free

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Not happy with your website performance and want an expert to look at it?

  • We will analyze your site using public information.
  • We will ask you to give us a 1 day web server log file.
  • We will try to identify what steps if any you should take to improve your sites performance goals.

Video - Magento scaling and performance

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Using analogy to vehicular traffic we explain performance and scaling in Magento.

  • Know how to compare hosting options
  • Importance of good code
  • How to scale
  • Tuning Magento