Agencies, come partner with us!

Development, SEO, Marketing, Site Speed – you do it all!

As a web agency, you have to wear multiple hats for your customers. Customers are looking for a one stop shop for their eCommerce needs for example. Development, SEO, marketing, optimized hosting, etc.

You are also sucked into all activities a customer wants, mostly because you want your customers to succeed, or maybe out of fear of losing. Some of these areas are core to you, some not so core. You build your skills, your people and it offers growth to you.

The evolving customer need – not just 24/7

Customer needs keep evolving. One prime example is in the choice of platform. With popularity of SaaS platforms like shopify, agencies are stretched to help a customer decide the platform and deliver on it. Sure there are clear cases where shopify is all the customer may need, but the border areas abound. Will the platform be the best choice now and in the future? In the future what type of integration and customization will the customer need?

SaaS offers lower complexity, an easier onboarding and a lower initial TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Instead, Magento offers flexibility, but adds complexity to run the store – specifically related to hosting and maintenance. For example, customers never have to worry about site speed with SaaS while that is a specialty in itself for Magento.

Uptime is not all that a customer needs – indeed uptime is expected. Your customers want you to go beyond and deliver the best user experience to their visitors – so their brand value is enhanced.

Presenting, luroConnect for Magento & WordPress

A multi-cloud hosting stack for Magento & WordPress, accompanied by a 24×7 service, backed by realtime analytics and alerting to ensure a SaaS-like smooth experience to the merchant.

We go beyond

With features for agency like

  • Devops – we act like your extended team. Containerize development environment, manage staging & code deployment process.
  • Magento, WordPress, Headless & PWA
  • lurocomnect / Insights dashboard to help you monitor each customer’s website in a single interface

Features for your customers to help you deliver the high quality digital experience you have developed

  • Multi-cloud support – let the customer decide or give a variety of options for hosting and CDN.
  • Highly secure hosting stack : Web Application Firewall (WAF), a IP and BOT blocker, a load balancer all integrated into the nginx web server.
  • An asynchronous Image Optimization that can be used to generate retina and high pixel ratio mobile displays,
  • zero-downtime deploy
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – data replicated every 10 minutes to another cloud platform, giving a 15 minute time to switch with a max of 20 minute loss of data.

Come partner with us!

If you are a agency developing Magento or WordPress websites, we offer you a partnership that allows you to offer your customers the flexibility of owning a platform at the convenience of SaaS. Our rich stack continues to evolve – with a set of features already built and more on the way. Layered so you can charge your customers per service. For example,

  • Disaster recover plan of a max of 20 minute loss of data and max of 1/2 hour time to bring up the secondary setup on another cloud provider, in case of disaster.
  • Image optimization service that can optimize images automatically on the server
  • Custom branded luroConnect / Insight that gives response time analytics, alarms or view status of disk, etc.
  • Custom branded control panel that allows a set of action your customer or your engineers can take to actions such as deploying code to clearing CDN.

You also get our devops services for helping your developers go from “works for me” to “deployed to live” in an orderly fashion, allowing them to do best at what they do – develop.

Who are we?

Our CEO, Mr Pradip Shah is a 30+ years experienced techy and a frequent speaker.

Using open source technologies such a nginx, php-fpm, we have defined a multi cloud platform scalable architecture.

Our devops teams work on improving developer and operations productivity –¬† using bitbucket pipelines to build M2 code, ready to deploy or a self healing cache configurator, a smart cache warmer, etc.

Our cloud engineering team develops site monitoring and cloud control technology to give a dashboard with controls like one click deploy.


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