luroConnect Analytics – our secret sauce

luroConnect platform comes with a companion – our analytics dashboard. Without the dashboard we could not give a high uptime to our customers. Here we describe our secret sauce.

Before we look at what we do, let us see the benefit of our approach. This is a 7 day per minute chart of hits per minute vs avg response time. We only consider Magento hits – not static. Basically those that go to varnish or php. The kind of data that drives TTFB readings on lighthouse.

The first day is when we took the customer live on our stack. This is a very busy site – getting 350 hits per minute continuously. These are hits to magento, including ajax calls. With a page on this website generating 3 ajax calls, this represents over a hundred page hits per minute.

We started optimizing caches (varnish and redis memory), autoscale instance sizes, etc. The biggest gain we got was when we added a larger, single fixed instance into autoscale and separated admin traffic from the main traffic. However, we got noticeable improvements and a flatter response time when we eliminated URLs from a google crawl by redirecting to a base url without parameters – after approval from the SEO team of course.

Some experiments dont work out – but we have immediate results to see if an experiment goes wrong and correct them.

Per minute data analytics with custom alerts

Upon analyzing data every minute, the analytics engine looks through preset alerts to see if any should alarm. The alarm system has possible actions such as sending emails. As shown, you can alert on many parameters including bytes per minute – helping advance warning on attacks that increase your AWS bill by looping on an image.

The analytics data is then stored in a way that the dashboard can draw upto-the-minute graphs.

Our dashboard has many elements that help our engineers see the performance of a website – many times identify attacks.

Why would you choose luroConnect?

Managed hosting was always associated with an expert helping with best efforts, to keep your website running. So, you see advertised “15 minute response time” benchmark.

The industry evolved to give a platform as a solution.

luroConnect is taking the lead now by redefining managed hosting. We

  • Offer management of the entire application stack
  • Take responsibility of performance and security very seriously and believe one size does not fit all.
    • Our engineers spend time to see the best architecture and caches for your application.
    • We also spend time writing custom WAF rules for your unique website.
  • We are proactive – not just alert you when your CPU utilization goes high. Instead, we actively identify possible attacks and block them.

Would you like to switch to a modern hosting platform?

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With features like ~0 downtime code deploy and autoscale to reduce your hosting costs, luroConnect offers you unparalleled hosting environment for Magento.

Schedule a call and we will show you how we can

  • Improve your hosting, possibly with autoscale
  • Have a managed dev, staging and production environment
  • Server performance measured every minute with alerts for a slowdown
  • A multi point health check every day
  • Optimized hosting costs