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Managed Hosting that keeps your business in mind

Lower TCO

How about a faster, secure magento website that works within your budget and constraints? Our customers report 30% hosting cost reduction on an average. More …

Increase Conversions

It is now proven that a faster website improves conversions. It is also proven that inconsistent performance and random downtime keeps customers from shopping again.

Peace of Mind

Almost zero downtime due to unplanned issues with hosting. No more “site is down” worries. Experts to look at a problem if one were to occur.

Most people only make the connection between technology and customer experience when tech fails, is slow or disrupts the process

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We focus on


Consistent website performance is key to conversions. Appropriately sized servers, properly configured caches, hosting architecture, all work together to give you optimal performance.


A scalable architecture, path based load balancing, autoscale groups, smart cache warming and zero downtime deployment.


A multi-layered security, including a Web Application Firewall (WAF), handling of OWASP Top-10 threats, File System and a Disaster Recovery Plan.


Active monitoring

24×7 Monitoring, automatic alerting and response as per SLA.
Dashboard gives you information on your server and allows configuring alerts.

Full Stack Support

Magento, WordPress, hybris, Java, Rails, etc. Moreover all components of your stack are supported – search engines, in memory caches, message queues, databases

Host Anywhere

Full freedom to host on your choice of hosting provider – AWS, Softlayer, ukfast, etc. Cloud or bare metal or a mix.

Not just backup

Each customer gets a bespoke disaster recovery plan, tested!
Backup best practices followed. Granular mysql backups. Configuration files versioned.


devops best practices ensures versioned sources, automatic deployment, development and staging environments and more. Read more …

Honest pricing

Not linked to the hosting bill or servers, our billing is justified on the complexity of your environment. We charge one off projects one time.

Customer speak

We were with an expensive european Managed Magento Hosting provider on AWS. As our Sunday ads started, we found we would have to spend a fortune to upgrade to their autoscaling plan. We reached out to AWS and they recommended luroConnect.

luroConnect’s expertise in auto-scaling and page load-time reduction helped us reduce our AWS costs by over 40%! They also help set up and maintain our development environments.

Would highly recommend luroConnect to all Magento stores.

Saurabh Maheshwari

Saurabh MaheshwariFounder -

luroConnect has been a partner in our growth from a small online petshop to an established dog and cat food brand. Except for a massive DDoS attack, we have not seen unplanned downtime in years. They communicate with UKFast, our hosting provider, on technical matters. Their new daily report tells me they are keeping track of a lot of things, like SSL expiry.

James Wigby

James WigbyManaging Director, Aleka Pet Foods Ltd -

In one of our routine checks we found that Google page speed insight gave us a score of  0 / 100. We got in touch with the luroConnect team and within a couple of days they came up with an automated solution (for image optimization) which helped in stabilizing our page speed score.

luroConnect keeps the site up 24 x 7 and your peace of mind too.

Devendra Ladha

Devendra LadhaFounder -

luroConnect has done a great job addressing our needs and have stepped in to offer suggestions and solutions whenever requested. They have kept our site protected and agile, and with active monitoring, regular communication and prompt responses to all priority levels, they allow us to focus on our core business.

Nigel Eccleston

Nigel EcclestonHead Digital - Printline Media Pvt Ltd (

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