Careers @ luroConnect

Constant individual growth and learning is what we aim for. We throw challenges at you all the time and give you time to learn. Each employee has goals for a year and we periodically review them with you. The most common employee feedback “I learnt a lot”.

If you wish to be part of this journey and we have an opening, please send us your cv or call us.

Email Marketing Intern Ninja

Job Description

luroConnect is a high tech startup brand. We help eCommerce companies run their web sites. Have you visited kalkifashion or mysoresareeudyog or ikikai online? They like many others depend on us.

We are looking for an email marketing intern. The role will include the following

  • Running email campaigns to cold and warm prospects.
  • Writing emails to very warm prospects.
  • Researching prospects and email addresses to send to

Ninjas were unconventional warriors in ancient Japan. While email marketing is mainstream, we will use some unconventional techniques to influence prospects with our point of view.

You need to know good English – especially written. We also expect you to have shown some level of interest in sales or marketing. For example, tell us the best advertisement on tv or social media that you have seen recently. Send us something written to show this. Email your application and resume to

You should be a recent graduate from a 3 year degree course in commerce or arts.
This is a 4 month full time paid internship. More than the renumeration, it is a chance for you to acquire a skill that is much in demand and will set your career in motion.

The most successful persuaders spend more time crafting what to say or do just before making their request.

Robert Cialdini

Cloud hosting and devops, 2-6 years, 2 openings, 2 shifts

Job Description

luroConnect is a managed hosting platform for eCommerce backed by a 24×7 support. We are at the cutting edge of defining a managed platform for Magento and other eCommerce stacks including PWAs. We cater to 2 key stake holders – developers and merchants/site owners.

We are managed hosting platform for e-Commerce. We give dev/staging and production server maintenance, 24×7 to our customers. You will be responsible for responding to alerts and customer tickets.

But our day-to-day may involve internal tasks that help improve our ability to setup and provision new servers, build and deploy code using our or 3rd party CI/CD and deliver a high performing site to our customers.

Internal activities require scripting ability in bash shell, terraform, chef and other tools. Support activities require ability to triage issues, performing a deep root cause analysis (RCA) on any issue.


Required skills

  • Linux system admin, RHEL certified preferred.
  • Conceptual understand of file systems, process, users and groups, memory, CPU, regular expressions, etc.
  • Tool usage knowledge such as shell scripting, grep, awk, ps, netstat, NFS
  • Cloud – have worked on cloud services such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc. Should know IAM, setting up a Virutal Machine including firewall rules, understand networking in the cloud, etc. Use of CLI to access cloud services preferred.
  • Communication skills – a key aspect of the job is to communicate with customers on tickets. Prior work with customers preferred.
  • Analytical ability – many problems we face are seen for the first time. Analytical skills to debug issues would be a routine requirement.
  • devops tools such as terraform, ansible, chef, puppet
  • CI/CD process concepts


We give very high importance to quality of work. We help you with training. We will train you using our manuals and material.

We also require you to take certification exams for which we refund the fee if you pass.

On call 24×7

Since our customers servers are never off, we need 24×7 coverage. Rotational on-call duty is a must where you can respond on your day within a short time.

Full Stack Developer with focus on UI – Javascript, nodejs, php. 1-3 years, 1 opening, flexible timing

Required skills

  • Excellent knowledge of javascript including promises
  • Frontend using Angular / react
  • HTML / CSS – should be able to demonstrate project work done
  • nodejs knowledge preferred
  • php knowledge desirable
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) experience preferred

To apply, please email to with  your resume (CV) and a paragraph saying why you would like to work with us.

What is to work at luroConnect?

luroConnect is a brand owned by Rrap Software Pvt Ltd. Rrap Software is in business since 2002. While small, we are very professional.

luroConnect is into cloud services with many unique points

  • We focus entirely on managing websites that either serve web or app traffic
  • We develop tools and technology to help us run our operations efficiently
  • We work across multiple cloud providers – AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, etc.

We are located in Vijaynagar, Bangalore on the Pink metro line (nearest station : Attiguppe).