Our Partners

Hosting / Cloud Partners

luroConnect is a Alibaba cloud partner. Backed by its immense experience in running cloud businesses, Alibaba cloud offers many solutions out of the box.

We have implemented our Magento and WordPress hosting stack on Alibaba Cloud.

Agency Partners

Ecommerce is all set to take the retail sector by storm and we, at Codilar, are generating superior technologies and best practices to create a better world for the e-commerce industry. We have an efficient team of solution specialists and designers with an eye for unmatched creativity. A force of certified Magento experts is keeping on their toes to provide feature rich Apps and Websites for your e-commerce business.

luroConnect managed service and stack is offered as a transparent option to Codilar customers.

Sigma specializes in rolling out high-speed eCommerce outcomes through innovation and cutting-edge tech. Enriching the overall customer experience, enabling quick transactions and delivering a next-level eCommerce is what differentiates Sigma from others.

Sigma Infosolutions Partners with luroConnect to Improve Performance of Cloud Hosted Ecommerce Software. Read the press release here.

Tenovia is a Bangalore-based eCommerce and digital performance agency that’s accelerating the growth of digital revenues for brands. Tenovia helps strategize and set the digital roadmap and execute it.

luroConnect managed service, stack and devops is offered as an option to Tenovia customers.

Read the press release here.

Aureate Labs is an eCommerce agency, mainly focused on the eCommerce domain and provides cutting-edge eCommerce solution to our potential clients. Our team of Magento Certified Developers is passionate about building scalable and secure functionality on top of the Magento platform.

luroConnect managed service stack is offered as an option to Aureate Labs customers. Customers enjoy a close collaboration between operations and developers.

Are you agency and would be interested in partnering with us? Check out the reasons or drop us an email at partners@luroconnect.com

Technology Partners

Support for Magento 1

Mage One offers permanent, competent support for merchants who want to continue using Magento 1 professionally.

luroConnect partners with Mage-One to get and apply the patches to keep your Magento 1 website up-to-date. Mage-One is a paid support service.

Secure stores, happy shoppers.
We are Sansec.

Sansec is the leader in eCommerce security. Sansec helps merchants to stay ahead of hacks, digital skimming and Magecart attacks. Its technology is used by global brands, forensic investigators and law enforcement. Secure stores, happy shoppers!

luroConnect offers its customers the option of using eComscan to quickly examine a store for malware, vulnerabilities and unauthorized accounts. eComscan will scan files, databases and 3rd party components. Alerts are handled by our engineers.