luroConnect Magento CI/CD adds meta information to builds

luroConnect Magento CI/CD adds meta information to builds

luroConnect CI/CD

luroConnect managed hosting platform includes CI/CD from any git source.

luroConnect CI/CD is an opinionated, platform specific CI/CD. It currently supports Magento (luma, Hyva, ScandiPWA themes), PWAStudio, Angular, nodejs applications. Nodejs builds include yarn and npm based installation.

Builds are done in docker with environment variables. (Note : Our Magento CI/CD also builds in docker without a database).

Builds once made, are ready to be deployed.

Advantage of opinionated CI/CD

  • Built for the target application stack with options.
  • Improved over time in a platform specific way
  • Magento CI/CD builds support features like magepack bundling, css and js minification, luma, Hyva and ScandiPWA themes.
  • Magento CI/CD support multi website and multi store builds
  • PWAStudio supports multi website and mutli store builds with different default currencies.
  • Is built using resources on your AWS account and created to deploy on your AWS account.

Meta Data information

Builds are identified with git commnit-id (shortened). Meta information includes the branch, the build number (generated from git as a serial count of commits in the branch upto this commit-id), and the git comment for this release.

luroConnect dashboard now displays meta data with the current deployed version.

When deciding which version to deploy, meta data information is displayed as well.

Build counts are useful as they are serial numbers – a larger number indicates a later commit serially. Commit comments are useful to know the PR or merge comment used so one is sure of the deployment.

luroConnect build and deploy dashboard

Magento CI/CD metadata

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