Webscale alternative luroConnect

Webscale used to be a leader in independent cloud hosting for eCommerce. But that has changed.

Webscale’s offering seems to be a bit confusing as they have 3 architectures to choose from

  • Webscale Stratus Kubernetes architecture. This is shared hosting plans charged on google analytics visits. (Formerly Magemojo).
  • Webscale Pro. The non-containerized traditional architecture.
  • Webscale One. A containerized architecture using AWS ECS

In contrast, Webscale alternative luroConnect has 2 scalable architectures with clear use case

  • A scalable architecture not using containers that is ideal for Magento monolith or low traffic PWA
  • A kubernetes architecture ideal for Magento and PWA.

Vendor Lock-in

Multi-year contracts of hosting that includes the servers and support leads to vendor lockins and makes it difficult to upgrade or migrate out of the hosting.

Webscale alternative luroConnect differentiates by hosting on your own cloud account with no vendor lock-in. We deploy our stack on your cloud and give you a month-to-month contract with a clearly spelt out termination clause that ensures the website is not affected during a transition.

Today cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure and Digital Ocean offer advanced infrastructure. Hosting on your own cloud account makes sense and allows you to control your destiny. With Magento you own the code. It is your asset.

Lower cloud costs by being on your own cloud.

When a hosting service includes server costs with support and host on the cloud, cloud server costs are marked up for the support. There is a constant pressure to upgrade to support the worst case traffic scenario.

Webscale alternative luroConnect looks for opportunities for you to save on infrastructure costs. For example, use of the AWS Savings plan or get free credits or use the latest servers. In addition, luroConnect will configure servers to handle situations like more app servers for the increased traffic, a cron taking more CPU or memory or reindexing needing more CPU or memory. luroConnect fees do not change based on the number of servers, allowing changes to the infrastructure as and when needed to ensure high application uptime.

Built for eCommerce

Selecting a hosting support that only does eCommerce means you get more than system administrators. You get application level support.

Webscale alternative luroConnect architecture is built for self hosted eCommerce – Magento and associated technologies such as PWAStudio, Vue Storefront (VSF1 and VSF2). Beyond hosting, our support understands sitemaps, robots.txt, security of your customer data, reindexing on Magento, emails, health of crons, etc that are eCommerce specific.

Magento and Headless CI / CD

Most hosting providers for eCommerce do not provide a CI/CD. Support for CI/CD will have to be done by developers or devops that understands the problem.

All Webscale alternative luroConnect plans include our own CI/CD. The CI/CD build and deploy pipelines are fully managed by luroConnect for all the supported stacks. This means you or your engineers do not have to manage yaml files that put the onus of a working CI/CD back onto you. Integrated into the dashboard with a simple click interface to build and deploy or even rollback, it works irrespective of the underlying stack in use. luroConnect onboarding includes developer training for CI/CD.

Who is the customer of managed hosting?

As a merchant you signup for hosting and you give access to your agency to your hosting environment. The hosting support does not distinguish between you and your agency. Indeed many are built for developers with cli interfaces.

Webscale alternative luroConnect recognizes multiple stake holders to each website. Specifically, we recognize the merchant different from an agency (or developer). We work with your agency (or developer) on issues that are technical and if need be, get back to you with a common front. We also understand security – for example a developer request for a backup is only given with your permission. Some merchants request removal of customer and order data before delivering a database backup for example.

Support on social media

Webscale alternative luroConnect offers social channels using whatsapp, slack and MS Teams – across all plans. Major events are resolved and a Root Cause Analysis report is given to ensure the problem does not occur again. We assign a support person to your website. The support person understands your website and will nurture it to ensure endemic problems, if any, are resolved.

Would you like to switch to a modern hosting platform?

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